News Articles:

"Ally McBeal" Star Dogged by Anorexia Rumors (10-5-98 E! Online)
Calista Flockhart (1-99 Digital Hits)
Calista Flockhart learns to live with the gossip (4-28-99 Nando Media)
Lean-and-Likes-It Calista Carries Weight on '20/20'  (4-28-99 NewYork Daily)
Thin Off Limits, So 'Today' Sheds Calista (4-29-99 New York Daily)
"Today" Won't Trim Down Flockhart Q&A  (4-30-99 E! Online)
Skirting the Weight Issue, Flockhart Dumps 'Today' Date  (4-30-99 FOX News)
Calista's patience with certain questions has worn thin  (4-30-99 Philly News)
Hey, Calista, lighten up! (5-1-99 Detroit News)
OH DEAR CALISTA, WE MISSED YA (5-5-99 New York Post)
Q&A with Calista Flockhart  (5-99 E! Online)
A touch of seduction on 'McBeal'  (5-99 Extra TV)
Calista Flockhart (5-99 Extra TV)
Disenchanted Forest (5-11-99 Salon Magazine)
Wild 'n' woodsy (5-13-99 San Antonio Express)
Dream time: Michael Hoffman's Midsummer magic (5-13-99 Boston)
'Midsummer' release pits Shakespeare against Skywalker (5-13-99 Nando)
'A Midsummer Night's Dream' entertains (5-13-99 Cincypost)
A 'Midsummer' break for Calista (LA News)
This 'Midsummer Night's Dream' carries some weight (Philly News)
Fame's price is worth paying, 'Ally' star says (Orange County Register)
The 'Midsummer' of Love (5-14-99 New York Daily)
Shakespeare's Dream is spirited romp (5-14-99 Ottowa)
'Midsummer' will make you laugh  (5-14-99 Desert News)
'Midsummer': Pleasant But Not Dreamy (5-14-99 Washington Post)
What Slapstick Fools These Mortals Be in Latest 'Dream' (5-14-99 Hollywood Online)
Some disenchanted evening (5-14-99 Pioneer Press)
Shakespeare as a sitcom (5-14-98 Toronto Sun)
`Dream' Interpretation Stellar cast adds comic madness to lush, over-the-top 'Midsummer' (5-14-99  San Fran Chronicle)
Stellar cast makes Shakespeare classic worth celebrating all over again (5-14-99 Post-Gazette)
Ally, Oprah Sell (5-26-99 CNN)
“Inside Ally McBeal” (6-99 Earth News)

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